Knowledge Sharing is Vital to Improving Capital Construction Project Management

One of the key challenges involved with capital project management—particularly on engineering and construction projects—is the massive amount of knowledge that gets wasted when project teams fail to document and share the knowledge they gained while working on a project. read more.



How Can Technology Improve Your Claims Management Practices? Part 1

With new project awards declining, projects seeing lower profit margins, increased liquidated damage claims for late completion, and other recent developments, owners and contractors are becoming more contentious and adversarial, which is leading to a growing volume of claims and disputes. read more

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Streamline and Improve Your Organisation’s Procurement Process

The objective of procurement management is to transfer the risks associated with the part of a project’s scope of work that is performed by outside organisations, known as contractors, vendors, or suppliers. This is the latest in a series of articles about managing projects through their full project life-cycle and focuses on Procurement.
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Are You Managing Project Cost Successfully?

Each project an organisation takes on represents a major investment that is ultimately designed to bring in a profit. Therefore, it’s vital that the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) delivers the project on budget and without cost overrun, or the anticipated ROI can be drastically reduced. To this end, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) provides a comprehensive approach for managing project cost. Read more.

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Managing Project Integration with a PMIS

PMWeb has now published the fourth article in its series on web-based project management solutions. It’s crucial that the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) complies with the industry’s recognised best practices and standards. Read more


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Using Stage Gates to Improve Project Governance

PMWeb has now published the third article in its series on web-based project management solutions. The Stage Gate Review Process is a formal project life phase-driven go/no-go decision point where selected project deliverables for each stage are reviewed to ensure the organization’s requirements are met. Read more

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